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Every member of Allegacy is an owner, and therefore has an equal stake in the success of the credit union. We encourage all of our members to voice their opinions in regard to laws that may affect the future our industry. When legislation is being proposed that could impact the kinds of services, products or benefits that our members have come to expect from Allegacy, we want you to know about it and take action. Let North Carolina's state and local representatives hear from you before they decide the fate of the credit union industry.

Important legislation, your action is needed TODAY.

Stop the Data Breaches      Learn More  |   Watch the Video 

Data breaches are a big problem. Merchants are not subject to the same federal data protection standards as financial institutions, such as credit unions. This means that some merchants fail to invest sufficiently in data security measures. As a result, it can be easier for hackers to gain access to a person’s credit card number, debit pin number, or other sensitive data through a merchant. Hackers can then sell this information to bad actors, or use it themselves to fraudulently buy things with the stolen data.

When a data breach occurs, the merchants are not required to pay the costs to send individuals their new cards and generally pay none of the fraudulent charges an individual may have on their cards or accounts. In fact, when merchants are responsible for the breach, they are rarely required to pay ANY costs incurred by others. Who is stuck paying these costs for data breaches? Your Credit Union—and ultimately, credit union members like you.

  • Let Congress know it is time to take action and hold merchants accountable for data breaches.
  • Tell Congress merchants should be required to reimburse credit unions for the costs they incur as a result of merchant breaches.
  • Let Congress know that credit unions should be able to tell their members the name of a merchant causing the data breach.

Take Action – it's easy!     Write a Letter to Congress    |   Tweet to Congress
Take just 2 minutes to notify your legislator. Contact information and pre-written messages are provided, so this will take just a few minutes of your time.

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