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At Allegacy, we believe that high performing organizations are built on a strong culture and leadership excellence. We can help you achieve both through our collaborative partnerships and a customized approach that aligns with your culture. Our consultants will work closely with you to develop confident, capable leaders who will create a culture of success, health and wellbeing.

Discover untapped potential and skills through professional coaching. Working with a coach can introduce new perspectives, improve creative thinking and decision-making skills, and increase self-confidence. According to a global survey by Price Waterhouse Coopers, the typical individual ROI for coaching is 344% and the ROI for companies is a median of 7 times the initial investment.

Talent Development
Achieve increased customer satisfaction, quality and employee engagement. Using your organization’s mission, vision and values as the foundation, we will help you create actionable, achievable Strategic Workforce Planning, Performance Management, Succession Planning and High Potential Development Programs.

Team Development
High performing, cohesive teams give your organization a significant competitive advantage. Allegacy can help create a climate of mutual trust, respect and commitment so that team members can work together more effectively, resolve conflict and align around a shared vision.

Organizational Development
Culture is the set of values, principles and norms that makes your organization unique. Cultural alignment is essential for success as employees who rally around a common goal are more efficient, productive, and satisfied. Whether you are rebranding, merging two organizations, assimilating new leaders or just realigning your current work environment‚ we can help you assess your current culture and develop a strategy to ensure it is fully realized in your overall operations.

Wellness and Organizational Health Consulting
At Allegacy, we take wellness seriously. Ours is a holistic view of wellness that goes beyond the physical to include purpose, emotional, social and financial wellbeing. Our own successful employee wellness program has been awarded for its excellence. We’re eager to help organizations reap long-term health benefits for their employees through our wellness and organizational health consulting. For small and medium sized employers, we offer AllHealth Wellness Lite, a program that provides a meaningful and affordable way to start the journey of building a culture of health.


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