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SmartRate Checking Requirements
Earn the highest dividends and get refunds on ATM fees up to $25 per cycle. It's easy, just meet the requirements below:

  • Make 10 Check Card transactions per cycle
  • Enroll and receive eStatements
  • Set-up one direct deposit or ACH auto debit per cycle

What is a cycle?
A cycle is approximately one calendar month. However, it will vary depending upon when the last business day of the month falls. A cycle is from the last business day of the previous month to the second to the last business day of the current month. Qualifying transactions must post to the account before the end of the business day.

2017 Cycle Begins Cycle Ends
  Dec 31 Jan 30
Jan 31 Feb 27
Feb 28 Mar 30
Mar 31 Apr 28
Apr 29 May 30
May 31 Jun 29
Jun 30 Jul 29
Jul 30 Aug 30
Aug 31 Sep 29
Sep 30 Oct 30
Oct 31 Nov 29
Nov 30 Dec 29

PLEASE NOTE: Whether you use your check card as a PIN-based transaction or credit-based and sign your name, when your transaction is final is dependent on when the retailer completes the transaction. In other words, you buy dinner on July 25 but the restaurant does not complete, or post, the transaction until August 5.

For data processing purposes, we go by when the transaction is complete. It doesn't happen often but sometimes members think they met the deadline for doing a check card transaction only to find the retailer didn't complete it until after the deadline. Just remember, those transactions get you a "head start" on the next month's total.

In addition, for your direct deposit to count towards your cycle requirement, it must process prior to the cycle end date. This date is determined by each employer's internal process. Please consult your payroll department/contact for your end of month processing dates.

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