AllHealth Wellness Account FAQs

Q: Why are the YMCA of NWNC and Allegacy partnering?
A: The YMCA of NWNC and Allegacy have formed a partnership based on the fact that we have a shared goal in common for our community, to improve the overall wellbeing of our respective members. By combining our efforts, we will maximize the positive impact we desire to make.
Q: What is being offered as part of this partnership?
A: Since we want you to be your best and improve your wellness of mind, body and wallet, we are bringing you a savings account that offers financial rewards for your visits to the YMCA. It’s called the AllHealth Wellness Account and you can earn up to 1.00% APY on your savings balance – up to $10,000.
Q: How does the AllHealth Wellness Account work?
A: The AllHealth Wellness Account is designed as an incentive to be active at the YMCA, whether it’s working out, volunteering or attending your child’s sporting event. All of these activities improve your overall wellbeing and that of your family, something for which we want to reward you financially through the AllHealth Wellness Account. Both the YMCA and Allegacy recognize that this reward will motivate you to keep being your best. So as your activity increases, so will your AllHealth Wellness Account dividend rate!
Q: What are the levels of the AllHealth Wellness Account?
A: The AllHealth Wellness Account is a variable rate account that earns dividends at different rates based on the number of visits made to the YMCA. See a table of the dividends you can earn on our rates page.
Q: How often do I receive the AllHealth Wellness dividend?
A: Your dividend will be paid one time per month and be based upon how active all members of your YMCA membership were during the prior month. All activity is based on a calendar month and dividends will be automatically applied to your account. The dividend will be applied based on your activity from the prior month. You can track your earnings by referring to your monthly statement.

For example, if you have one Y membership in your household and there are 15 YMCA NWNC visits associated with that membership in March (one visit/membership/day will be eligible), you will see an AllHealth Level 3 Dividend posted to your account on your April statement. This dividend will be calculated based upon your Average Daily Account balance in April and display in this case as follows: 0.90% APY AllHealth Level 3 Div.
Q: How and where will YMCA visits count?
A: One visit per day, per membership will be counted, at any YMCA of NWNC branch. Therefore, we aim to incentivize activity by everyone on your YMCA membership. Visits to any YMCA branch outside of the YMCA of NWNC (i.e. other YMCA regions or YWCA) will not count towards your branch visits as they are not able to be captured through the YMCA of NWNC’s tracking system. To view the branches that visits will be tracked in please visit
What happens if I open my AllHealth Wellness Account in the middle of the calendar month?
A: You will earn dividends based on your membership’s activity for the prior calendar month. Therefore, you can open an AllHealth Wellness Account at any time. We will receive a monthly activity report from the YMCA and use any visits present on the report to provide you a monthly AllHealth Wellness Dividend.
Am I limited to a maximum balance amount I keep in my AllHealth Wellness Account?
A: There is no limit to what you can save in your AllHealth Wellness Account as it is a Savings account. However, the AllHealth Wellness dividend rate is only earned on the first $10,000 in your account. Any deposits over $10,000 will earn the 0.10% dividend rate.
Q: What is the minimum balance on the AllHealth Wellness Account?
A: You must provide a $5 opening balance and maintain that $5 as your minimum balance.
Q: How do I open an AllHealth Wellness Account?
A: Visit your nearest Allegacy Financial Center location with your YMCA membership card to open your account. If you are interested in opening a membership with Allegacy, you can also initiate this process at your nearest Allegacy Financial Center or online now. If you currently have a Daily Access Savings account, this account may easily be converted into an AllHealth Wellness Account. Joint account holders will need to sign the AllHealth Wellness Account application in order to complete the account conversion.
Q: How do these rates compare to other savings accounts in the area?
A: t the time of introduction (4/1/2016), when all requirements are met, the top rate on this account is one of the highest rates in the market.
Q: How do I become a member of Allegacy?
A: Becoming a member is easy. Complete a membership application online now, call 336.774.340, or visit any Allegacy Financial Center location.
Q: Do I need to bring anything to Allegacy to open the AllHealth Wellness Account?
A: Bring your YMCA membership card and a photo ID to Allegacy to open your account. Allegacy will link your account to ensure it earns the higher rate based on your YMCA visits.
Q: Is my entire family eligible to participate?
A: Yes. It is our desire to incentivize your entire household’s engagement at the YMCA because your collective wellbeing is important. Therefore, we will count one visit per household membership per day in the visit totals. This allows for all YMCA members on a membership to positively impact the associated AllHealth Wellness Account dividends.
Q: Can I combine two YMCA memberships onto one AllHealth Wellness Account?
A: No, only one membership can be assigned to each account. In order to earn on two separate YMCA memberships, two AllHealth Wellness Accounts would need to be opened and each YMCA membership assigned to a respective AllHealth Wellness Account.
Q: What happens if I lose my YMCA membership card?
A: If you lose your card and the YMCA must issue another, your account will still track your visits without interruption. No further action is needed.
Q: Which Y locations are included?
A: The visits are counted at all YMCA of NWNC locations. Visits to a YWCA location, Camp Hanes, or YMCA locations outside of the NWNC region do not count toward your AllHealth Wellness Account participation. Visit for location information.

The AllHealth Wellness Account is a variable rate account that earns dividends at different rates based on the number of visits made to the YMCA of Northwest NC (“YMCA”) in the previous month. E.g. March YMCA visits will be used to calculate your April AllHealth Wellness Dividend. YMCA visit data is provided by the YMCA. One account per household. One visit per household per day. The minimum balance required to open this account and earn dividends is $5.00. All requirements must be met to earn highest dividends. Some transfer/withdrawal limitations and restrictions may apply. Fees may reduce the earnings. Offer only available to consumers.

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